The Vindicators of the cutting edge time have at long last encountered their Stone Age partners, despite the fact that things haven't gone as well as any of them had trusted.

 Amidst a pointless fight between the two groups of Earth's Mightiest Legends,

 The Multiversal Experts of Evil have made their own great entry.

That, however their chief Destruction Incomparable has made a move to isolate the world's most memorable Magician Preeminent from his namesake accessories

Giving the Eyes of Agamotto a horrifyingly exacting new significance.

On account of the force of the Starbrand, Earth's Mightiest Legends have shown up in the old past for what ought to be their last a conflict with the powers of Mephisto and the Multiversal Experts of Malevolence.

 Notwithstanding, in the pages of Justice fighters Collect Alpha (by Jason Aaron, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair, and VC's Cory Petit),

The legends are rather hauled into a fight against their ancestors giving the miscreants an opening.